Local and Global Sighting

I would like to make something clear, the debate is not about local v.s. global sighting only in North America. The difference of opinion on local v.s. global is valid and it is not the aim of this blog to condemn either views in any way, shape of form. In fact both positions (local and global sighting) are sound positions in the Hanafi school.

Now, you might be wondering then what is the debate really about? The moon sighting debate has seemingly become more complex in North America. There are various camps (schools of thoughts?) that have developed in North America on this issue. While they get along perfectly fine 11 months of the year, when the time for Ramadan comes the battle gets reignited and the casualties every year are more and more frustrated folks who have started to resort to some wild ideas in going about the lunar calendar business. Once again, the beef here is not with the traditional positions of local and global moonsighting, its how certain individuals are twisting these positions to suit their conveniences.


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