The Fiqh Council of North America?

I sometimes wonder who the qualified muftis of this Fiqh Council are. Qualified being the key word in the previous sentence. Never-mind that, since I don’t think we’ll have much luck on quality, another point to ponder upon is which fiqh do they follow? Does anyone know? Last time I checked, their list of scholars apparently shrank, with the resignation of Dr. Sherman Jackson. In fact, to what extent are all these scholars even involved in making decisions at the council? There are a lot of questions being asked after the latest decision they took on disregarding the need for actual moon sighting in determining Islamic Lunar months.

Isn’t it ironic that people who are making “taqlid” of this “Fiqh Council” lately on issues such as moon sighting, are the same people who don’t make taqlid of any one of the madhabs? (No, I’m not referring to the Salafis here. This is something different) How many of them do you think read the 52 page article by Dr. Shah? Not many. How passionately are they defending this new initiative? Pretty passionately if you ask me.


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