Outcry against ISNA Fiqh Council Moon Sighting Decision (Part 2)

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More shuyukh have spoken against the ISNA Fiqh Council moon sighting decision to base the Islamic lunar month only on astronomical calculations (derived by their own scientists) and disregard the sunnah of sighting the actual moon with the naked eye.

I have obtained the following answers lately (InshaAllah I’ll add others as they come in):

(*) ISNA’s Recent Decision Regarding the 1st of Ramadan and the ‘Id– “… The Ulama Association of North America (UANA) unequivocally declares that lunar months should begin with sighting and not with calculation. This is the ruling of Shari‘ah and we must abide by it. ISNA’s Fiqh Council has created confusion in the minds of Muslims before due to its decisions and we implore that that they avoid doing this.” – Ulama Association of North America (UANA)which comprises of various ulama across the United States, including esteemed ulama such as Moulana Abdullah Saleem (Institute of Islamic Education, Elgin, Illinois), Imam Tahir Anwar (South Bay Islamic Association, San Jose, California), Moulana Khaja Shuaibuddin (Salt Lake City, Utah), Mufti Abdurrahman Ibn Yusuf (Islamic Society of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California) and others.

(*) Islamic Shariah Council of California (USA) refutes ISNA’s fatwa on moon calculation– “The setup of a new criterion for the start of Islamic month that the moon is born before 12:00 Noon GMT is contrary to Islamic sources, practice of ummah and views of the majority of the Islamic Scholars and Ulama throughout Islamic history.” – Islamic Shariah Council of California (Signed and endorsed by the more than 40 plus prominent scholars and imams)

(*) More coming soon.


5 Responses to Outcry against ISNA Fiqh Council Moon Sighting Decision (Part 2)

  1. kareem says:


    I am thankful foe your information and and make dua’ that Allah (Subhaanal-lahu wata -Allah) rewards you and all involied in their attempt to educate the muslims. I have one request ( and no offense meant). Is it possible when went refering to scholars to also include their educational background so that we may may this information when and if quoting them. I often find this to be helpful in discusstions and when relaying information. To often I have been asked or I have asked, who is he and where did he go yo school, where did graduate from or who did he study and learn from.
    May Almighty Allah Guide us all, have mercy on us all,forgive us all and increase us all in knowledge. (Ameen)

  2. Wa alaikum assalam brother Kareem,

    JazakAllah for your comments. Wherever possible I have provided links to the websites of the scholars mentioned here so that those who are interested can read more about them. Insha’Allah based on your feedback I look forward to posting something on the backgrounds of the key scholars who support actual moon sighting.

  3. Husain says:

    Assalamu alaikum a
    It’s nice thata you are going to give some background re their qualifications etc of scholars who support actual moonsighting. To be fair, you should do the same for the scholars who have come up with the idea of calculation for starting Islamic months.

  4. Anees Ahmad says:

    Assalamo Alaikum

    I would like to state very humbly that the muslims of North America have been split about the day of Eid for the most part, and it projects very skewed image of muslims and Islam to the rest of the community. I think it is about time that all the scholars of verious thoughts of school get together to discuss and resolve this issue once for all. A unified and united muslim community would deliver much more positive message than the one we have today.

    jazakumullah Khair

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