Going out to sight the crescent moon

How many people do we know who actually make an effort of going out to sight the moon? I’ve been thinking about this lately and I have a feeling we somehow rely on these “people” to be “out there” searching for the moon on the 29th of every month. Who are these people? Where are they? Why isn’t there any organized effort to carry out this important task? I’ve been thinking about all these things and I think if we had the “spirit of moon sighting” in us maybe we wouldn’t have all these “moon fighting” issues in the first place. Lets face it, a lot of our instituitions are run by folks who come from countries where the government usually carries out this function. We simple don’t have the “hilal watching” spirit in us. I’m not sure who we’re waiting for or what we’re waiting for. I hope the latest flawed ISNA iniative to deal with the moon sighting issue wakes us up.

Would you be willing to committ yourself for going out to physically sight the crescent moon on the 29th of each month?

Note: Ofcourse there are certain fiqh issues as well to all this such as the requirement of male witnesses, the number of witnesses and other requirements . Its not my intent to delve into those issues rather I’m interested in the importance we give to this activity.  If we have the spirit than Insha’allah the detalis can be dealt with the assistance of our ulama.


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